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SC Continuing Education 

Continuing education (CE) is a requirement of renewal per S.C. Code of Law §40-69-250(A) and S.C Regulation 120-6. Current CE cycle is April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2023*. Per Board Regulations, for biennial renewal, ten (10) CE hours are required. Each veterinary technician must maintain a record of attendance at the meetings qualifying for continuing education for a minimum of three (3) years immediately preceding renew.

*For the 2021/2023 Renewal Cycle ONLY – 100% of CEs may be obtained via online RACE approved course. For additional information on the Board ruling, view the “Alert – Continuing Education Update” found on the Board website at

CE Reporting

All licensees are provided a free CE Broker Basic Account and may activate the account by visiting

Licensees are responsible for ensuring their courses are reported accurately and maintaining tracking of their CE completion.

Whether active or inactive, you are required to have an account set up with CE Broker and to assure that your continuing education is reported before you will be able to renew.  Please remember, all continuing education has to be completed within the renewal period, so 2023 renewal should have continuing education dated between 04/01/2021 and 03/31/2023.  Licensees cannot renew until ALL continuing education is completed and reported.

As always, you can contact staff at the Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners for answers to any of your questions concerning laws, policies, and licensure requirements.  However, if you have questions concerning setting up your account or problems with your account with CE Broker, please contact their customer support directly.



(877) 434-6323




(Activate Your Free Basic Account):

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