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CHAPTER 120 Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation— Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

(Statutory Authority:  1976 Code §§ 40–1–70, 40–69–60 et seq.) / STATE PRACTICE ACT 




Controlled Substances 

Any controlled substance (CII-CIV) dispensing activity, up to a 5-day supply, which occurs by a licensed veterinarian after discharge pursuant to an office procedure/hospitalization or after physical examination, does not have to be reported to the PMP.

However, any dispensings exceeding a 5-day supply must be reported to the PMP.

Dispensing of Phenobarbital (up to a 31-day supply) does not need to be reported.

Which to Use: Owner or Animal's Name, Address and Date of Birth?

To enter a prescription correctly, use the animal's first name, owner's last name, owner's address and animal's date of birth. The date of birth can usually be retrieved from the prescriber or the animal's owner. If you only have the month and year of birth, please be consistent with the dates you use for this specific animal.

If you dispense (CII-CIV) controlled substances to an animal, the Prescription Monitoring Act classifies the animal who is the ultimate user of a drug for whom a drug was dispensed as a "patient".

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